Belladonna – video


BELLADONNA A Physic Garden — a beautiful woman — a man steeped in expertise in the tending and use of medicinal herbs — a cruel disappointment.

Some medicinal plants, if used incorrectly, can also do considerable damage. Belladonna, in small doses, was used as an effective sleep remedy, but in larger doses— and in the wrong hands — can kill.

Lyrics and vocals: Kirsty Merryn Fiddle: Adam Summerhayes (The Ciderhouse Rebellion) Accordion: Murray Grainger (The Ciderhouse Rebellion) Movement director and choreographer: Deborah Kate Norris (Ballet Folk) Dancer and choreographer: Anna Smith Filmed, directed and edited by Todd Macdonald Filmed at Normansfield Theatre, Teddinton. Chosen for its beautiful art work and also curiosities found in the space. Stairs, railings and flora/fauna in the murals.

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