Adam Summerhayes – Instrumentalist of the Year 2021 (FATEA Magazine)

Adam Summerhayes has just been announced as Instrumentalist Of The Year by FATEA Magazine. In his acceptance speech Adam acknowledged  the other half of The Ciderhouse Rebellion (also one of hi his partners in crime in the band The Haar, and the trio Words of A Fiddler’s Daughter.

“I’m very pleased to have been awarded Instrumentalist Of The Year by FATEA magazine It’s a nicely positive way to start the year. It seems a good moment to thank Murray Grainger (Accordionist) for making it possible, by engaging in all this year’s musical adventures with me. Without him, I couldn’t have been awarded anything – because there would have been nothing really going on. It’s taken a lot of something-or-other to generate the enthusiasm to continue to be a musician during a really difficult couple of years. I’m not sure what that something-or-other has been … cider, friendship and a joy in creation, perhaps? Dunno – but … thanks Murray.” Adam.

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